Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

Adamski Social Center

The original parish social center was once an old red brick building on Peckham Street. The building began to deteriorate and after a fire in 1945 the damage was way beyond repair. Msgr. Peter J. Adamski, once he became pastor, saw the building as an “eyesore” and launched a campaign to solicit funds for a new parish center. It did however, take over 3 years to raise the funds and construct the building. The new parish center opened April 18, 1960. Since the construction was an accomplishment of Msgr. Peter J. Adamski, the building was subsequently renamed the Msgr. Peter J. Adamski Social Center. It has since served and continues to serve as a focal center for our parish activities. If you are interested in having a special event at either the Main Hall or the Marian Hall, please contact the rectory office (716) 854-5510 for further details.