Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

Mass Times Saint Stanislaus B&M Church



SATURDAY VIGIL -               4:00 PM, ST. STANISLAUS

                                                4:00 PM, ST. JOHN GUALBERT


SUNDAY               -                9:00 AM, ST. JOHN GUALBERT (POLISH)

                                                9:15 AM, CORPUS CHRISTI

                                                10:15 AM, ST. JOHN KANTY

                                                10:30 AM, ST. KATHARINE DREXEL

                                                11:45 AM, ST. JOHN GUALBERT

                                                12:00 PM, ST. STANISLAUS (POLISH)

                                                 5:00 PM, ST. STANISLAUS (ENGLISH) -- preceded by Adoration and Confession at 4:00 pm

                                                                                                                  -- 6:00 pm Alpha Conversations in the Pitas Center

             WEEKDAY MASSES

                8:00 AM, MON., WED., FRI.                         -              ST. STANISLAUS

                8:00 AM, TUES., THURS.                             -              ST. JOHN GUALBERT

                8:30 AM, MON., WED., FRI.                         -              ST. KATHARINE DREXEL

                8:30 AM, TUES., THURS.                             -              ST. JOHN KANTY

                8:45 AM, MON., TUES., THURS., FRI.         -              CORPUS CHRISTI

                12:15 PM, WED.                                            -              CORPUS CHRISTI

                8:45 AM, FIRST SATURDAY                        -              CORPUS CHRISTI


Holy Days of Obligation:

Holy Day Mass - 6:00 pm


Saturday: 3:00 pm


Rosary: Sunday at 11:30 am prior to the 12:00 Noon Mass (Polish)

Divine Mercy Chaplet recited on Sunday immediately following the 12:00 Noon Mass

Marriages: Proper preparation for marriage requires a six month notice.

Please contact the rectory for an appointment.

Baptisms: Please call to make arrangements. Parents are required to receive orientation.

Ministry to the Sick: For those of advanced age, ill or hospitalized, call the rectory to arrange visitation.