Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

1893 Johnson & Son Organ Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

1893 Johnson & Son Organ

In 1893 the parish purchased Op. 797 from Johnson & Son of Westfield, Massachusetts for $7,875.00. Charles Viner of Buffalo installed the instrument. Viner was frequently connected with Johnson installations throughout the region. In 1954 the parish commissioned the Tellers Organ Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, along with Tellers’ representative, Stephen Po-Chedley & Son of Buffalo, to renovate the instrument as their Op. 814. (Charles Viner & Son of Buffalo had also submitted a bid that May, in the amount of $19,957.00.) The organ was dismantled, and pipework was taken to Erie for cleaning and repair. The mechanism was new throughout, including new wind system, wind-chests and stop-key-style console. The Choir division was placed under expression. During the course of the project, several ranks were added and a few new stops unified; the Johnson facade was retained. Restorative work was carried out in 1979 and 1993.

In 2004, under the guidance of Bishop Edward M. Grosz, D.D., 6th pastor of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Parish, another major restoration has begun. Included in the restoration will be additions to the organ, a new console and gilding of the pipes bringing the replacement value today to over 1 million dollars.