Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

Pastors of Saint Stanislaus Saint Stanislaus B&M Church


Rev. Dean John Pitass
Founder of St. Stanislaus B.M. Parish. He was ordained on June 7, 1873 at Niagara University and immediately establish the parish. He remained as Pastor until his death on December 11, 1913.






Rev. Alexander Pitass, D.D. Second pastor and nephew to Dean Pitass. He was educated and ordained in Rome in 1903 , and was appointed pastor on January 12, 1914. He died on June 30, 1944.






Rev. Peter J. Adamski, P.A. came from Poland in 1909 and completed his studies at St. Bonaventure University. He was ordained on June 10, 1915 and became pastor of St. John Gualbert in 1918. Adamski became pastor of St. Stanislaus on July 2, 1945 and remained as leader until December 8, 1973. He passed away on September 21, 1982.






Msgr. Chester A. Meloch served as pastor from January 5, 1974 to February 1, 1978. He was the first pastor to be baptized at St. Stanislaus. He was ordained on September 21, 1943. One of the highlight's of Meloch's years at St. Stan's was the visit by President Gerald Ford on Oct. 31, 1976.






The beloved Msgr. John R. Gabalski was assigned pastoral leadership of St. Stanislaus in 1978 and served the parish until his passing on October 9, 2003. He was ordained on May 22, 1948. Prior to joining St. Stan’s, Gabalski was pastor of Queen of Peace. His tenure witnessed visits by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) and President Lech Walesa of Poland.  Accomplishments of the Msgr. Gabalski administration included the construction of both the Msgr. Adamski Apartments and a housing project which became Pope John Paul II Court, the construction of the Marian Mausoleum at St. Stanislaus Cemetery, a building for the parish Outreach Center, and a host of social and spiritual enhancements including a 125th year parish anniversary gala.



On October 21, 2003, following the death of Msgr. John Gabalski, Bishop Edward M. Grosz was assigned as the 6th Pastor of St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Parish. Grosz guided a multi-million dollar renovation of the entire St. Stanislaus Parish campus. Bishop Grosz served St. Stanislaus until December 1, 2009.






A native of Poland, Pastor Thaddeus Bocianowski assumed leadership of St. Stanislaus Church in 2009 and provided leadership until April 2015.







April 2015, Fr. Mariusz Dymek, OSPPE, a native of Pila, Poland, became the 8th pastor of St. Stan's.







Fr. Tomasz Piotr Wilk OSPPE, a native of Sosnowiec, Poland, became the 9th Pastor of St. Stan's





Fr. Michal Czyzewski, OSPPE, a native of Opoczno, Poland became the 10th Pastor of St. Stan's