Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

Parish History Date by Date History of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Roman Catholic Church

1872 St. Stanislaus Society was organized.

1873 John Pitass arrived in Niagara Falls.

1873 Rev. John Pitass was ordained.

1873 Rev. John Pitass met with the St. Stanislaus Society

which organized the formation of St. Stanislaus Parish.

1873 Cornerstone of the wooden church was blessed.

1874 The first church which was located on the corner of Peckham and Townsend Streets was dedicated by Bishop Ryan.

1874 St. Stanislaus School was opened.

1881 Felician Sisters brought to St. Stanislaus.

1882 Ground-breaking and construction of the new and larger church began.

1883 Cornerstone of the new church was blessed.

1883 Lower church was completed and opened for services.

1886 The upper level of the church was completed.

1886 St. Stanislaus Church was officially blessed by His Excellency, Bishop Borgess of Detroit.

1889 St. Stanislaus Cemetery was opened.

1890 The new 4 story school which was located at the intersection of Fillmore and Peckham was dedicated.

1893 Johnson Pipe Organ installed.

1894 Rev. John Pitass received the honor title of - “Dean”.

1903 Rev. Msgr. Alexander Pitass was ordained.

1908 The steeples and bells were installed.

1913 Dean John Pitass died.

1914 Rev. Dr. Alexander Pitass was installed as the 2nd Pastor.

1915 Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Adamski was ordained.

1916 Carrara marble altar was installed and consecrated by Bishop Dougherty.

1930 Additional stained glass windows added.

1944 Rev. Dr. Alexander Pitass died.

1944 Rev. Stanislaus Kulpinski was named Administrator of the Parish.

1945 Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Adamski became the 3rd Pastor.

1948 Rev. John R. Gabalski was ordained.

1953 Interior of church simplified.

1954 Renovation of Johnson Pipe Organ.

1960 Msgr. Peter J. Adamski Social Center was built.

1971 Old St. Stanislaus School was torn down and moved to new location (former Bishop Colton High School).

1971 Rev. Edward M. Grosz was ordained.

1974 Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Adamski retired.

1974 Rev. Msgr. Chester A. Meloch became the 4th Pastor.

1978 Rev. Msgr. Chester A. Meloch retired.

1978 Rev. Msgr. John R. Gabalski became the 5th Pastor.

1982 Rev. Msgr. Peter Adamski died.

1998 St. Stanislaus Parish celebrated its 125th Anniversary.

2003 Rev. Msgr. John R. Gabalski died.

2003Bishop Edward M. Grosz, D.D., V.G.became the 6th Pastor.

2004 Eight (8) new acrylic illuminated clocks were installed.

2004 Restoration project of the historic organ began. (Completion date: September, 2005)

2004 Illumination of the church towers.

2004 - 2005 Extensive restoration / renovation of parish facilities (Rectory, Convent, Msgr. Adamski Center, Msgr. Pitass Center, Parish School and Church).

2009 -2015 A native of Poland, Pastor Thaddeus Bocianowski assumed leadership of St. Stanislaus Church in 2009 and provided leadership until April 2015

2015-2018April 2015, Fr. Mariusz Dymek, a native of Pila, Poland, became the 8th pastor of St. Stan's.

2018 September 1, Fr. Tomasz Piotr Wilk OSPPE, a native of Sosnowiec, Poland, became the 9thPastor of St. Stan’s