Saint Stanislaus B&M Roman Catholic Church

Christmas 2021 Memory Tree We Remember, We Thank, We Pray

Christmas is a wonderful season of joy.  It is a time in which we rejoice because our dear Savior was born.  But, it is also a time for us to remember our departed brothers and sisters, our friends and relatives, and those less fortunate than us.  It is  a time to thank the Lord for the many blessings we have received and for sending us a Savior. 

Christmas is a time for us to pray.  To invoke the help of the Lord and to offer prayer for our family and friends and for those around us.  The memorial trees provide an opportunity to enlist the aid of the entire church community in praying for your needs.  Select an angel, specify your intentions and hang your angel on the tree.  We will pray for your intentions at Christmas and during the Christmas novena of Masses.

We remember...we thank...and we pray!